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rcpt_regexp_map - helper plugin for rcpt_map and rcpt_regexp


This plugin works with the rcpt_map plugin, it replaces the rcpt_regexp plugin line in the config/plugins file:

 # OLD:
 ## rcpt_regexp
 ## rcpt_map file=./config/map_example_org
 ## rcpt_map:0 file=./config/map_example_com
 # NEW: 
 rcpt_map file=./config/map_example_org
 rcpt_map:0 file=./config/map_example_com

When using the rcpt_map plugin like described in the NOTES section of rcpt_map the rcpt_regexp plugin will return 550 No such user. for any user not listed in the rcpt_regexp config file, no matter if the domain is listed in the rcpthosts config file.

This plugin returns 550 Relaying denied for any domain not given as argument or listed in the rcpthosts config file.


 rcpt_regexp_map DOMAIN [DOMAIN2 [DOMAIN3 [...]]]

All domains which will have their own rcpt_map plugin should be listed as argument for this plugin.


This changes the behaviour of the rcpthosts config file: it is just checked if a domain exists. No support for leading dots.


Copyright (c) 2009 Hanno Hecker

This plugin is licensed under the same terms as the qpsmtpd package itself. Please see the LICENSE file included with qpsmtpd for details.