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rcpt_map - check recipients against recipient map


rcpt_map reads a list of adresses, return codes and comments from the supplied config file. Adresses are compared with eq lc($rcpt). The recipient addresses are checked against this list, and if the first matches, the return code from that line and the comment are returned to qpsmtpd. Return code can be any valid plugin return code from Qpsmtpd::Constants. Matching is always done case insenstive.

When the given map file changes on disk, it is re-read in the pre-connection hook.


The file MAP and domain NAME arguments are required. The default value of the default argument is DENY=No_such_user. (see below why _).

domain NAME

If the recipient address does not match this domain name NAME, this plugin will return DECLINED

file MAP

Use the config file as map file, format as explained below

default CODE[=MSG]

Use CODE as default return code (and return MSG as message) if a recipient was not found in the map. Since we can't use spaces in MSG, every _ is replaced by a space, i.e. use DENY=User_not_found if you want a deny message User not found.


The config file contains lines with an address, a return code and a comment, which will be returned to the sender, if the code is not OK or DECLINED. Example:

  # example_org_map - config for rcpt_map plugin           OK          OK         DENY     User not found.


We're currently running this plugin like shown in the following example.

Excerpt from the plugins config file:

  ## list of valid users, config in /srv/qpsmtpd/config/rcpt_regexp
  ## ... except for "*":
  ## only for "":
  rcpt_map domain file /srv/qpsmtpd/config/map_example_org

And the rcpt_regexp config file:

 ### "" addresses are checked later by the rcpt_map 
 ### plugin, return DECLINED here:
 /^.*\@example\.org$/  DECLINED
 ### all other domains just check for valid users, the validity 
 ### of the domain is checked by the rcpt_ok plugin => never use
 ### something else than "DENY" or "DECLINED" here!
 /^(abuse|postmaster)\@/    DECLINED
 /^(me|you)\@/    DECLINED
 /^.*$/           DENY No such user.


Copyright (c) 2009 Hanno Hecker

This plugin is licensed under the same terms as the qpsmtpd package itself. Please see the LICENSE file included with qpsmtpd for details.