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lmtp - turn qpsmtpd into an LMTP server (RFC 2033)


The lmtp plugin turns qpsmtpd into an LMTP server, see RFC 2033. This includes

The RFC requirement of supporting ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES (RFC 2034) is not implemented: the core lacks support for it.


The plugin requires that the wanted queue plugin and it's arguments are given as the arguments for the lmtp plugin, e.g.:

 lmtp queue/maildir /home/mail/data/%d/%u

Settings that may be changed via the usual qpsmtpd config mechanism (by default small files placed in the config/ diretory):


Set the line which will be sent as initial greeting, note that you must include the string LMTP in this line (unlike qpsmtpd's core setting smtpgreeting).


This plugin requires from my git tree.

Auth and TLS are currently not supported.

Only OK, DENY(_DISCONNECT)?, DENYSOFT(_DISCONNECT)? and DONE are supported as return values from queue plugins. The _DISCONNECT variants will not disconnect the client, it just behaves like the non _DISCONNECT variant.