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charset - filter messages based on the given charset of the Content-Type


This plugin uses the Qpsmtpd::ContentType module and looks in the Content-Type: header for the text/*; charset=NAME parameter. If it matches one given in the charsets config file it will act on it.


The plugin takes no arguments. It reads the charset, a return code (which must be a vaild return code from Qpsmtpd::Constants) and an optional message from the charsets config file.


This is an example charsets config file.

 iso-2022-jp   DENY Charset iso-2022-jp not accepted here
 shift-jis     DENY Charset shift-jis not accepted here
 koi8-r        DENY Charset koi8-r not accepted here
 GB2312        DENY Charset GB2312 not accepted here
 big5          DENY Charset big5 not accepted here

Charset names are case insensitive and any ``_'' will be replaced by a ``-''.


Don't DENY an "us-ascii" charset, as this is the default for messages without a Content-Type: header (see RFC 1521).