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Last.Mod records logins and logouts on your bot's party line. With the .last command you can see who was on, from which remote host at which time (and how long he/she was there).


last.mod-0.6.tgz or SVN


last.mod will work with eggdrop1.6.x only.

The following instructions assume, ~/eggdrop1.6/ is the directory where you installed your eggdrop from. (of course, other source dirs will work as well) Unfortunately, you need to compile last.mod within your eggdrop source, so if you removed your original compile directory, you'll have to compile the whole bot again... sorry.

(Note: replace X.Y.Z with your actual last.mod version number) Put last.mod.X.Y.Z.tar.gz in ~/eggdrop1.6/src/mod/, and unpack it (tar xfz last.mod.X.Y.Z.tar.gz). Change directory back to ~/eggdrop1.6/. Type make config. Type make, wait until compiling is done and use make install to install the bot and last.mod.

TCL vars


set the number of lines to show if -n NUM/-NUM was not given. Default: 20


set the file name where the records are saved. If used, this should be set before last.mod is loaded. Default: Eggdrop.last

DCC commands

Last.mod adds one new dcc command .last. Usage is:

 .last [-n NUM|-NUM] [-t DATE] [-i] [--] [user|idx|host]

Arguments are:

-n NUM

show the last NUM lines instead of the default


show IP instead of


Show only logins up to this date. DATE is in the format YYYYMMDDhhmmss, but may be shortened, all missing fields will be set to the beginning of that period. Examples:

 200704     -> 20070401000000
 2007       -> 20070101000000
 2007040316 -> 20070403160000

... ok, I think you get the idea.


stop option parsing


What to search for. user and host will accept wildcards.

Example: .last -n 5 Veti* will show the last 5 logins of anyone matching Veti*


There is absolutely NO WARRANTY on this module. I do my best to make it work properly, but if anything gets screwed up, I'm not responsible. Use this module at your own risk.

This mod hast been written on Linux amd64 (debian etch, lenny) and is known to work on Linux x86 (debian sarge, etch, lenny), Linux mips (debian etch) and IRIX (uname -a: IRIX64 binky 6.5 01080747 IP30 mips, with gcc 3.2.2).

If you have problems compiling and/or running this on other systems... please help (see below), currently I have no access to other OSs to test...