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This etpro server side mod adds reviving sprees in the style of etadmin_mod's killing sprees. See on how to load this mod.



The current server list of ET servers with the rspree_mod.


A player needs at least 5 revives in a row for a new map record printed. Everything below is not worth it ;-> ... it's just recorded to the all time stats file.

If you want to see if a server is running this mod, check the server vars for RSpree_mod_version (same place where e.g. sv_hostname, mod_version and mod_url are announced).

If enabled, players can see the map record and overall records with the public message (AKA say) !spree_record (default, if you don't change it .)).

New in 1.2.0: Players may now choose to disable the messages. This can be done in two ways:

Admins have two console commands: rsprees and rspreesall (also available via rcon, of course). rsprees prints all current sprees of the running map, rspreesall is a reformatted dump of the all time stats file (this is from my test server, current records on hirntot are 8-15, depending on map):

 ]\rcon rspreesall
 ^7Alltime reviving sprees:
 rspreesall: goldrush: Vetinari^7 with 12 revives @2006-05-27, 12:53:57
 rspreesall: oasis: ^7[^1!!!^7]^1H^7arlekin^7 with 37 revives @2006-06-11, 13:09:12
 rspreesall: battery: Vetinari^7 with 5 revives @2006-05-27, 12:57:58
 rspreesall: radar: ^0M^5y^0x^5o^4m^0a^.t^5o^0s^5i^0s^7 with 15 revives @2006-06-05, 19:07:32
 ^7Alltime reviving sprees END

new in v1.1.0: rspreerecords, see !rsprees for output

Don't worry if noone gets a monster revive on your server, it is working :-) Yes, it's hard, but possible on a 20+ player server. We had that at least two times now in the last 2-3 weeks (congratulations to DerGraf who did the first one ingame on fueldump as Axis :-)). Take a look in the server log file, multi and monster revives are now logged as:

 Multirevive: <slotno> (<playername>)


 Monsterrevive: <slotno> (<playername>)

Since v1.1.0: use the !rsprees command to see who did the most multi / monster revives

Since v1.1.2: use the !stats command to see your own number of multi / monster revives

Maybe in a later version of this mod I'll add a config setting to adjust the time between revives (currently 3000ms == 3 seconds), if someone requests it.

Thanks to the admin [!!!]Harlekin and the [!!!] community for testing on their servers :)


Below is a list of config vars and their explanation. You'll have to edit the rspree.lua and change these values to fit your needs.

For the config vars ending in "_pos", see for valid locations, most people should be fine with the defaults.


default: false

this disables (or in case of true enables ;-)) the announcing of revives. It is usually set to false because it influences game play too much... ...and spams the screen ;-P (info: this was mainly added for debugging)


default: 7 (white)

color of announced revives (see above)


default: cpm

where to put the announced revive messages (see here)


default: revivingspree.txt

all time stats are saved here..


default: %Y-%m-%d, %H:%M:%S

for map record dates, see man strftime(3) ;-)


default: b 8

where to put the spree messages (see here)


default: 8 (orange)

color of spree messages


default: true

false disables multi/monster revives


default: true

false disables the messages below


default: ^7!!!! ^1Multirevive ^7> ^7%s ^7< ^1Multirevive^7 !!!!

what to print in case of multi revive, the %s will be replaced by the player name ... you MUST HAVE exactly one %s in this string!


default: ^7OMG,^1 MONSTER REVIVE ^7>>> ^7%s ^7<<< ^1MONSTER REVIVE^7 !!!!

what to print in case of monster revive, the %s will be replaced by the player name ... you MUST HAVE exactly one %s in this string!


default: false

DON'T set to true to enable, no sounds yet... SET TO false IF YOU DON'T HAVE SOUNDS FOR THIS... if set to true will play sound/misc/multirevive.wav / sound/misc/monsterrevive.wav as global sound (like etadmin_mod's multikill/monsterkill sounds).

Put the sounds you want in a .pk3 and make it available for your clients


default: b 8

where to put the multi revive messages (see here)


default: b 32

where to put the monster revive messages (see here)


default: false

set to true to stop multi revives if medic dies... yes, it's very unlikely, but you can revive, die, get revived and make another revive within 3 seconds.... ... probably it's worth a possible multi/monster revive if a player manages to do that (hence the default of: false)


default: true

new in 1.1.9: If set to true, a revive of a team killed team mate does not add a revive, but just sets the time of the last revive. With this you can tk one, revive someone else, then the tk'd player and another one with max 3 secs between each revive instead of max 3 seconds between two not tk'd players.

If set to false, the time between reviving two not tk'd players is used


default: !spree_record

same as etadmin_mod's killing spree record printing, output is same (just for reviving sprees instead of killing sprees ;-)) ... if you use the default, this rspree mod and the etadmin_mod will both print their stats


default: true

set to false to ignore the rspree_cmd


default: rspree-records.txt

new in 1.1.0: all time records file


default: !rsprees

new in 1.1.0: command for players to print players with most monster, multi and normal revives


default: false

new in 1.1.0: set to true to keep the last known nick a guid has, instead of the one seen the first time


default: true

new in 1.1.0: enable the recording and printing of players with most monster, multi and normal revives


default: !stats

new in 1.1.2: same as etadmin_mod's !stats, prints personal reviving records (i.e. monster, multi, and normal)


default: 60*60*24*90

new in 1.1.2: expire settings after a player has not made any revives since this many seconds... set to 0 to disable.

NOTE: don't set this too high, else it will cause a delay on map start. Watch the log file for messages like

 rspree.lua: startup: 20 ms

and lower the expire time if it's too long ...


default: true

new in 1.1.8: save monsterrevives to the awards_file... include this in your homepage or ... ;->


default: awards.txt

new in 1.1.8: save monsterrevives to this file if save_awards is true.


default: true

new in 1.2.0: default for all clients, send messages if true.


default: rsprees

new in 1.2.0: clients use this command to switch on / off the messages. This will last until they disconnect. Clients may set a default with +setu v_rsprees 1 (or 0 to disable).

Rspree messages customization

WARNING: don't try to add something higher than 35, it will be ignored ;-)

 R_Sprees = { -- these numbers MUST be multiple of 5...!
      [5] = "is on a reviving spree",
     [10] = "really needs new syringes soon",
     [15] = "earned the bronze syringe",
     [20] = "earned the silver syringe",
     [25] = "earned the golden syringe",
     [30] = "is a god dressed in white",
     [35] = "just arrived from the 4077th M*A*S*H",