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The etpub and NoQuarter Enemy Territory mods have a shortcuts replacement feature. Some keys inside square brackets ([]) are replaced by values. This script does the same for etpro. Supported commands are say, say_team, say_buddy, say_teamnl, vsay and vsay_team. See below for some examples.

Known keys in etpub/nq are:


last player who gave you ammo currently not working, just returns *unknown*


last player who killed you


last player who gave you health currently not working, just returns *unknown*


last player you killed


your location (letter,number) - currently not really working, feature request for etpro filed :-) When it's done, it will give the location name from the server's maps/<mapname>_loc.dat if it exists, else the (letter, number) map coordinates from stock ET.

Currently it just returns the world coords in map units


your name


last player who revived you


last player you looked at not working, probably never will ...


health remaining


name of current weapon


ammo for current weapon

We ([!!!]Harlekin, bennz and /me) added the following keys:


name of the last player who was revived by you


health of last killer - don't ask me why x... I just took this from the first version of this script :-)


current player class

Both health replacements ([s] and [x]) will return 0 if the health value is below that, i.e. you will not know if a player is gibbed or just waiting for a revive.


To test this simply do a say on the server:

\say "I'm a [c] with [w] ([t] ammo), I have [s] health"

\vsay_team Medic "Need a medic, ^1[s]^5 health left!" result: Global voice sound: I need a medic and a custom text: Need a medic, 15 health left!

bind x "vsay negative Stop killing me, [d]" result: Global voice sound: Negative/No, and a custom text: Stop killing me, [!!!]Harlekin

bind x "vsay_team thanks Thanks for the Team-Kill, [d]!" result: Team voice sound: Thanks, and a custom text: Thanks for the Team-Kill, [!!!]Harlekin!


Thanks to [!!!]Harlekin and bennz. Bennz did the first version of this script, which I rewrote completely ;-). He also helped debugging.